Stay Healthy and Avoid Cold & Flu Season this Winter

Stay healthy this winter with ease! It’s that time of year. Shutter your windows and load up on gallons of hand sanitizer: the dreaded winter plague has arrived. With public spaces filled with a chorus of flemmy sounding coughs and the number of healthy coworkers in the office dwindling, not succumbing to the winter plague seems inevitable. Well,… Read More »

5 Easy Ways to Ease into Zero-Waste

Working towards a zero-waste lifestyle is easy, we promise. Contrary to popular belief, transitioning to a zero-waste lifestyle doesn’t mean kicking your garbage can to the curb and turning your backyard into a compost pile. While we don’t totally hate the idea of that, we’re here to provide some easy (and fun!) ways to dip your toe into… Read More »

5 Ways to Shop Smarter This Holiday Season

Unless you’re willing to swear off the holidays altogether, it’s impossible not to shop during this time of year. With so many gifts to buy, we all have to shop this holiday season. But, if we have to shop, we might as well shop smarter while we’re at it, right? Saving money, reducing waste, and doing some good… Read More »